Praise For The Widow Waltz

The Widow Waltz is slicker than a Brazilian wax job…. I devoured this book. Inhaled it greedily, as if I’d found a diary…. There is the not small matter of Sally Koslow’s skill as a writer… Her pacing is impeccable. Great subplots with the doctors. Nifty detective work…”
—Jesse Kornbluth, The Huffington Post

“Pop Quiz: Your beloved husband dies suddenly, leaving you penniless and perplexed. Do you (a) climb in to bed until your house is repossessed (b) find another, wealthier man to pick up the tab, or (c) take a deep breath, grab hold of your daughters, and dive into the mess? Because I myself lean toward (a), I was charmed and inspired by Georgia Waltz, heroine of The Widow Waltz, who in the face of calamity, digs deep for answers and discovers her better self in the process. By turns lighthearted and insightful, The Widow Waltz is a clarion call for any woman who’s been disappointed by love: Take a chance! Forgive yourself! Forgive each other! Buy this book!”
—Jillian Medoff, author of This Could Hurt, Hunger Point and I Couldn’t Love You More

“Sally Koslow gives us a portrait of female fortitude and reinvention in her tale of how fifty-something Georgia must start again from ‘Go’ after her life implodes overnight. Reading a Koslow novel is like eating a top-of-the-line gourmet truffle: exquisitely and carefully constructed, ultimately pleasurable—yet there’s iron in it, too. Readers of Anne Tyler, Elin Hildebrand, Cathleen Schine, and Randy Susan Meyers will devour this book as I did.”
—Jenna Blum, author of Those Who Save Us

“Sally Koslow delivers another winner, a smart and hopeful story of a mother and daughters growing up and starting over—together.”
—Eleanor Brown, author of The Weird Sisters

“Sally Koslow takes economic downturn…and turns it into an urban fairy tale featuring plucky heroines, wolfish villains, a magic garden, and one unlikely knight. The Widow Waltz tells a story of reinvention with humor, intrigue, and just the right touch of mid-life romance.”
—Ann Bauer, author of The Forever Marriage

“Poignant, charming, and funny, The Widow Waltz is a wonderful reminder that we are never too old to grow up. A must-read.”
—Julie Buxbaum, author of The Opposite of Love

“With style, wit, and unflinching honesty, Sally Koslow explores the devastating confusion of a woman and her daughters betrayed by their beloved husband and father, who has died suddenly and taken secrets with him, and how these women summon wisdom and power to help one another heal.”
—Erika Robuck, author of Hemingway’s Girl and Call Me

“Koslow’s wry, funny novel parses the ways this unmerry widow handles her two grown daughters and her frail but still snappish mother, all the while coping with financial insecurity and the tart aftertaste of loss.”
—Cathleen Medwick, MORE Magazine

“This heartfelt, witty addition to women’s fiction will appeal to fans of Elizabeth Berg and Anna Quindlen.”

“Koslow is a skillful, meticulous writer attuned to the absurdities of life, death and the multi-generational bonds of family. Pitch-perfect details and alternating narrative voices allow her to explore fully the emotional intricacies of these richly woven characters in crisis.”
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