Praise For The Real Mrs. Tobias

Named a “must-read book of 2022” by Zibby Owens for

“With a shrewd eye and a light touch, Sally Koslow weaves a story about three strong women whose memories, dreams, and desires conflict and intersect as they navigate a series of family crises. Warm, witty, and heartfelt, THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS is a cinematic, fast-paced treat.”
— Christina Baker Kline, New York Times bestselling author of eight novels, including The Exiles and The Orphan Train

“Sally Koslow channels Nora Ephron in this lively tale of obligation versus desire and the politics of family power. Deftly written with equal parts intelligence, pathos, and humor, THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS is a pure pleasure to read.”
— Therese Anne Fowler, New York Times bestselling author of It All Comes Down to This

“I love mother-daughter stories, so I was delighted to see Koslow’s ingenious new focus on mothers and daughter-in laws! Told by three vivid women all sharing the same family name — the matriarch, her daughter-in-law and then the next daughter-in-law — this is such a profound, powerful and smartly funny story that it made me reappreciate my own mother-in-law, even as if let me live through this oh-so-important relationship through this amazing book. Deeply original, about the bonds that break—and remake female relationships, THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS is the real deal.”
— Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of With or Without You

“This power struggle between mothers- and daughters-in-law over how to handle a wrenching family secret is told with emotional intelligence and Koslow’s signature wit. Tart and nutritious, as refreshing as a raspberry vinaigrette.”
— Jenna Blum, NYT bestselling author of The Lost Family and Woodrow on the Bench

“With razor-sharp prose, wit and depth, Sally Koslow’s THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS takes us down the MIL Road … the one that should come with a warning: No Trespassing. Danger Ahead. Koslow, a gifted storyteller, recounts what happens when three generations of women who marry Tobias men are thrown together into the dysfunctional ditch. You will laugh, you will cry, you will empathize – and if you happen to be a Daughter-in-Law – you will say, Better her than me. Yet just when you think there is no way back, Koslow’s page-turner will prove that while family ties can strangle, they also can keep you bound together through love, loss, secrets, and healing.”
— Lisa Barr, USA Today bestselling author of Woman on Fire

“Wry, knowing, and devastatingly insightful, THE REAL MRS. TOBIAS illuminates the precarious bond between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. United by their love of the same men, three very different women struggle for control of their relationships and their lives in Sally Koslow’s riveting novel. I nodded in agreement and laughed out loud though the whole book, and walked away with fresh insights into my life as a mother-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and a woman.”
— Pamela Redmond, author of Younger

“Sally Koslow mines the turmoil and joy of an extended family with insight, humor, and tenderness.”
— Hilma Wolitzer, author of Today a Woman Went Mad in the Supermarket

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