Praise For Little Pink Slips

“Sally Koslow…has parlayed her experience into a most entertaining . . . novel . . . Koslow really nailed the industry’s pungent combination of gossip and glamour, daily grind and daily manicures, polished looks, and (sometimes) mean little hearts . . . Think of Little Pink Slips as lingerie in book form—frivolous but irresistible—and you won’t be sorry you brought it home.”
– Kathy Weissman,

“Great read: A breezy poke at corporate greed, celeb worship and the search for Mr. Right.”
– People

“From the trenches: former magazine editor Sally Koslow details the trials and tribulation of publishing.”
– Harper’s Bazaar

“A dishy, delightful insider’s view of the elite in magazine publishing, a subject (Koslow) is more than qualified to spoof, having been editor-in-chief.”
– Booklist

“Reading Little Pink Slips in two days is like eating a giant-size bag of chips in one sitting… salty, tasty . . . you can’t stop shoving them in your mouth . . . Fun, full of juicy details.”
– Carin Rubinstein, Ph.D., author of Beyond the Mommy Years

“Koslow’s zippy prose captures the manic intensity and not-always-glamorous world of New York magazines. Breezy glimpse into behind-the-scenes shenanigans of modern celebrity culture and the women’s magazine business”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Here, the devil wears bike shorts. We . . . root for Magnolia . . . a lamb surrounded by wolves.”
 Associated Press

“Now this was a great read . . . All kinds of dish about the workings of a magazine, plus romantic sub-plots . . . Fun, fun, fun.”
– Book Habit

“Behind-the-scenes maneuvers will keep readers turning pages . . . call it the red state The Devil Wears Prada.” 
 Publisher’s Weekly 

“Whip-smart, scandalous, and chic: Little Pink Slips is as decadent as a box of sugary cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.”
– Stephanie Klein, author of Straight Up and Dirty

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